FiddleStone Games

About Us

First of all, thank you for checking out our work!

We are a Team of two, currently working on Projects like Oakley's Adventure in our sparetime. We know each other since childhood and always shared our hobbies, like making music, drawing, painting, coding or other (mostly stupid) activities. Since creating videogames combines most of our interests, it was a nobrainer to start doing a little research of what it takes to make a game.

We started using Unity and created a few smaller games, just to see what we are able to do. We soon realized that we are able to create something that will potentially be fun to play, so we started making Oakley's adventure as our first real project.

Since we are currently both working fulltime and make everything (sounds, music, design, code, animations and so on) by ourselves, it takes a while to finish even a smaller project like Oakley's Adventure.

That being said, although the current version of the game is already playable, we are still trying to further develop it and hope to make it as fun as possible.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to let us know!

Keep in mind that this is our first public project and we are only a very small team, so yes, there are probably a lot of bugs we didn't find, and the gameplay won't feel as polished as you might expect it, but the game itself will still be in development and go through various changes, depending on how you think about it.

We try to keep the development section up to date and let you know what we are currently working on.

We also know that monetization has a bad taste when it comes to games, but since we need to be financially able to spend more time making games there is no way around it, so we decided to implement it as player friendly and rewarding as possible.
Oakley's Adventure will definitely not be our last game, but to get a feeling for publishing a project we will currently mainly focus to make Oakley'sAdventure as perfect as we can.

Thank you for taking your time,
We hope that all of you stay healthy and are looking forward to get in contact with you! Sincerely,
Stein and Fidy.